Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Start at the begining!

Today is my first day of Blogging!

I really didn't know where to start, so I figured that starting at the beginning will be the best!

I am a self taught jewelry designer and maker from a very young age. 3rd generation. I just love what I do.
Over the many years of designing and making jewelry, also giving my advice on "What & How" to wear jewelry. Picking out clients jewels for that special event. I learned that just being a woman doesn't come with the talent on "What & How" to wear jewelry.

One example: I have work with 2 lady clients who were blessed to going to the White House for lunches and dinners over the years of different Presidents. You would think at that social level one would know. Both came to me to have me tell them what to wear for the lunches and dinners. I was surprised! It got to the point where I photocopied their jewels and cut & paste what works together and  with what outfit..They were Very happy and looked perfect. Lesson learned for me. 

I have been titled "Jeweler to the Stars" many times. I like designing Classic with an edge.

I give out a list of  "MUST HAVES" as the basic jewelry wardrobe. Every lady needs it!

Pure and simple always always sells when you don't know what to do. Going without jewelry is a person not finished being dressed. You see this every day. Not a good look. My friend Cheryl Reventlow-Post always said if you don't know what to wear throw on a BIG diamond if you have one. That always works!

 Love edgy!
Pushing the envelope just enough works really well. People takes notice. When you go too far, well we just won't go there.

Today I am looking at several Asscher cut diamonds for a client. Engagement ring. She is classic traditional and loves a touch of the "OLD" . I told the "soon to be husband", that an Asscher cut diamond is the way to go. The diamond cut is like a square emerald cut but with more sparkle. NOT a princess cut! That is different. The ring with have many small white diamonds around the center stone to bring the look into today. I am also thinking of adding Natural Pink diamonds as a sexy touch. The metal will be Platinum.

Got to go look at these Asscher cuts to see which is the best for my client. I am sooo picky!

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