Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crazy FUN Friday and Saturday & How deals are made!

Found the perfect Asscher cut diamond and the ring is in the making!! All involved are excited!!!
Time zips by. I left you last where I was going to Lunch at Spago! Well what can I say the 3 hour lunch was packed with fun , flirting and sparkle! As we were being taken to our booth, there were people I haven't seen in a long time. I was pulled in many directions saying Hi , How are you? Is that pin real? I was wearing on my suite coat pocket a special diamond pin. It looks like an over grown military design metal. It looks like this  ( once I learn how to up load images I will show you ) 5 one carat round diamonds in a straight bar and at each end one more carat drop. then in the center a 3 carat round diamond and hanging from that a 9 carat pear shape. While sitting at the booth with my guest,  Barbara L., (Wolfgang's ex), come over to say hello and starting playing with my Pin and as she does she says this is a fun piece! I said yes it is and with 19 carats it really sparkly. She back up and said that's not real? Of course it is! The food was great as always and the people also fun and crazy. My friend at one of the tables gave a special dental floss as a "good seeing you gift". Different train of thought in gift giving. No she is not a Dentist, no I had nothing in my teeth either; she is a famous song writer and you hear her music all  the time. She gave me her Private house number, the number she answers and told me to call her. She wants to catch up. Some "Hollywood"  business deals happened at the table as it always does in "Hollywood". Can't say much about it yet. Stay tuned for part two , as they say!
Saturday, I went with Ashley to a "Clive Barker" party at his home. He directed the movies "Hellraiser" which Ashley starred in. Well MOCA . The Museum of Contemporary  Art,. Was having a special event where you can enjoy the 3 home compound in the Hills of Beverly Hills, drink, eat and met Clive and watch him paint! Really a special event. I was very excited to be there. The other guest were a extreme mixture of men and woman from all over southern California. By the way, Ashley, herself is an amazing painter. I was talking to 2 of the heads of MOCA and showing them Ashley's painting that she had on her phone. Deals are in the works for Ashley. Need I say, they flipped over her work and want to do a show for her! The way deals are made! Life is great! After the party we wanted some fish, so we drove down the hills of Beverly and went to a fun jet set type restaurant and ended have a fantastic time eating and, drinking some amazing red wine. Patrick our man behind the bar set everything up for us both. WOW what an evening to remember! On the jewelry end . There was a serious lack of adornment every where! I wore the big jewel pin that night. FUN!!!

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