Friday, June 18, 2010

Fridays are FUN!

Still looking for the right Asscher cut diamond. SOO many diamond dealers here in Los Angeles and New York, say they have an Asscher cut diamond when looking at them they are just square emerald cut diamonds. Your client won't know the difference. I say but I DO! I am still on the hunt! Time is ticking fast.
In the middle of this day I am taking my friend, Ashley Laurence, who just turned 38, to lunch at Spago in Beverly Hills. I also invited the BIG casting agent for ABC. Fun will be had at Spago. Lunch is a great place to hear who is doing who ! I will give you the inside dirt on Hollywood in my next Blogg.
This reminds of the time being a private jeweler and I still am. One of my beautiful lady clients every Friday at 11am she had me come to her home on the top of Beverly Hills . Same routine, ring the Bell, the house keeper answered and I said "Good morning", where is the Mrs? Oh! she is waiting for you in her bedroom. I am led down the halls to the bedroom just like last week. I find the Mrs. perfectly placed on the bed in a NEW this week Lingerie out fit. Hair in place and full make up. She  has been considered the little older version of Marilyn Monroe. Very SEXY. !! Well I can't really say the behind the curtain events. After I left like every Friday I would go to "The Bistro Gardens" in Beverly Hills to have a guest at my table, where the Mrs. had her standing lunch table and her guest. We would smile and enjoy out guest at lunch. Every time like clock work as I leave I pass by her table and say hello and my good by. With that "I will see you next week with a new outfit!"  wink!
 I love lunch I took to lunch in New York, a Royal from England. Royal DIRT!! Guess what the Head of the Monarch carries in her little purse ( I was told by another friend who was hanging out with her. Hear say!) A flask ! and it is filled and drained. Fun facts! Who would have thought. I guess it gets cold in England. Oh! The gossip my Royal told me was all SEX stuff with whom and such. I don't think I can say those things on a Blogg.
If any one knows if I can let me Know! Because I got alot of this SEX stuff from all over the world!
Have a good weekend. Have Fun at Lunch today!

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