Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Time moves FAST as people move FASTER!

I can't believe soo much time has pasted from my last entry!!!  Lets see if I can bring you up to today.
Business has been good crazy and trying to design make with my own 2 hands my orders for and the not yet open Gerald David Bauman on
My work has been starting at 7am and has been ending at 12 mid night. TIRED is not the word. For some reason this reminds me one time I was in Monte Carlo for the season, I just arrived exhausted and settled in at the Hotel de Pierre, went down to the lobby in the bar where you can sit drink and people watch. Well this day was a good one. I ran into a good friend and we sat drank and watch our other friends in actions. It was like a movie. Sceen one - middle aged couple descending the stair case hit the bottom, beautiful women approaches the two, little conversation and the two ladies walk up the stairs and the husband walks away. I ask my friend what was all that about. He explains to me that the married couple has an agreement where the wife gets to have her way with other women as long as the husband can watch. ( This couple owns most of Broadway in New York ). I was shocked! I shouldn't be but I was only because she was a client and didn't know of this. Then another couple of whom I am friends with in Los Angeles went walking by. We said our hello's, they weren't married as yet. She whispered in my ear that she needed my help later. Which turns out that a young Prince from one of those oil countries was after her for marriage and for me to hang out with him, the Prince until she can figure out what to do with the boyfriend. This was my first day! I was there for two weeks and every day and night was filled with events like this.
So you can get the idea of my next several Bloggs... Jewels Jewels and beautiful people behaving badly!

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